Day 31: Route & Timetable

Many of the mountains in this area look like upturned bowls

Although I was worried about the rain yesterday, I decided to take a shortcut through the mountains to Mandala-ji. The rain didn’t have much effect on the path, but it was a bit rough, probably because no one was walking on it in winter. It was sunny and windless today, and the clouds and mountains reflected in the pond were beautiful. The mountains of Sanuki area are a bit strange, with mountains that look like upturned bowls.

07:00Departure (D): Iyadani-Onsen Freai Park Mino
08:10Arrival (A): No.72 Mandara-ji
08:35D: Walk to No.73 Shusshaka-ji
08:45A: No.73 Shusshaka-ji
09:05D: Walk to No.74 Koyama-ji
09:35A: No.74 Koyama-ji
09:55D: Walk to No.75 Zentsu-ji
10:15A: No.75 Zentsu-ji
11:00D: Walk to No.76 Konzo-ji
11:40A: No.76 Konzo-ji
12:05Lunch at Nagata in Kanoka
12:40D: Walk to No.77 Doryu-ji
13:25A: No.77 Doryu-ji
13:50D: Walk to No.78 Gosho-ji
15:40A: No.78 Gosho-ji
16:10D: Walk to Kawakume Ryokan
17:20A: Kawakume Ryokan
Day31: Route & Timetable

Here’re some pictures from day 31.