Day 31: No.75 Zentsu-ji (善通寺)

Miyagawa udon-noodle making factory

On the way from Koyama-ji to Zentsu-ji, I found an udon-noodle making factory called Miyagawa Seimen-sho. Kagawa is famous for udon-noodle, and there’re many really good small udon restaurants (they made their own noodle). I didn’t go in because it was still early in the morning (and I had a breakfast already), but a restaurant with this kind of appearance is definitely delicious… I should have gone in 🙂

Kumaoka confectionary – famous for its “really” hardtack

The “Katapan” – hardtack confectionary that one of the famous travel guidebook Rurubu mentions was along the pilgrimage route, but unfortunately it was closed for the day…

The main gate of No.75 Zentsu-ji

There’s a corridor with roof from the main gate straight to the Taishi-do.


After passing through the magnificent main gate, there’s a corridor with roof straight to a splendid building, which I thought the main temple. However, it was Taishi-do. I guess this is because Zentsu-ji was built at the place where Kobo-Daishi was born. I saw a group of kindergarten children being led by their teacher to pay a visit to Taishi-do. What a nice atmosphere.

Five-storied pagoda in Zentsu-ji

The explanation about the five-storied pagoda

As I walked towards the main temple in the very wide precincts, I saw the magnificent five-storied pagoda and the main temple in front of me. This is really amazing.

The main temple of No.75 Zentsu-ji

Unfortunately, photography is not allowed in the main temple, but I could go inside and I was happy to be able to recite sutras in front of the magnificent Yakushi-Nyorai. Outside, there were five hundred Rakans surrounding the main temple and the five-storied pagoda.

500 Rakan

Also, because the script of the temple was so beautiful, Zentsu-ji became quite memorable temple for me.

The temple stamp of No.75 Zentsu-ji

Dedicated toYakushi-Nyorai (薬師如来)
Founded byKobo-Daishi (弘法大師)
DenominationShingon-sect Zentsuji-group (真言宗善通寺派総本山)
Mantraおん ころころ せんだり まとうぎ そわか
On Korokoro Sendari Matougi Sowaka
Next templeNo.76 Konzo-ji (3.6 Km away)
Previous templeNo.74 Kouyama-ji (1.6 Km away)
No.75 Zentsu-ji