Day 32: Route & Timetable

A sign encouraging pilgrims that you’re close to the 79th temple

With only 10 temples left to go, I was deeply moved to think that my pilgrimage would be over in about three days, including today. On the other hand, I’m also looking forward to the beginning of the udon pilgrimage to eat my favorite Sanuki udon.

06:30Departure (D): Kawakume Ryokan
07:10Arrival (A): No.79 Kosho-in Tenno-ji
07:35D: Walk to No.80 Kokubun-ji
08:202nd breakfast 🙂 at Yamashita Udon
09:15A: No.80 Kokubun-ji
09:50D: Walk to No.81 Shiromine-ji
11:25The manirin pagoda & gejo stone
11:40A: No.81 Shiromine-ji
12:20D: Walk to No.82 Negoro-ji
13:45A: No.82 Negoro-ji
14:30D: Walk to No.83 Ichinomiya-ji
17:00A: No.83 Ichinomiya-ji
17:30D: Walk to Tennen Onsen Kirara
17:40A: Tennen Onsen Kirara
Day 32: Route & Timetable

Here’re some pictures from day 32.