Month: February 2017


Day 33: Kechigan-no-yado Nagao-ji (結願の宿 ながお路)

For this couple of days, I was wondering how to finish my pilgrimage after visiting the last sacred temple Ookubo-ji. I was thinking about following 3 ways. Take public transportation to Tokushima airport to go back Tokyo directly Continue to walk to No.1 Ryozan-ji (about 40 Km) for Orei-mairi (thanking the completion of my pilgrimage), …


Day 33: Gyokusen-ji, inner shrine of No.87 Nagao-ji (長尾寺奥の院 玉泉寺)

After leaving Shido-ji, I finally started to see Ookubo-ji, the last sacred temple of this pilgrimage, on sign posts. I think it’s interesting or rather strange that the inner shrine is appeared before the main temple even though I’m following the “official” pilgrimage route. For example, today, I reached Jizo-ji (the inner shrine of No.86 …


Day 33: Jizo-ji, inner shrine of No.86 Shido-ji (志度寺奥の院 地蔵寺)

Before arriving at Shido-ji, I found the inner shrine of Shido-ji and paid my respects. I was curious about the meaning of “Uonomido (魚霊堂)” written in front of the gate, so I looked it up. There is a legend that during the reign of Emperor Keiko in Japanese mythology, a son of Nihon Takeru-no-Mikoto was …