Day 34: Route & Timetable

Guide of the pilgrimage route in Kagawa

At breakfast, I asked him again how he was moving so nimbly, and he told me that he was a runner. He was actually very fast runner who had participated one of the greatest mountain race in France, where he rans up and down mountains. I believe I met him several times during my pilgrimage. He told me that he visited all the sacred temples, including all the Bekkaku sacred temples, so he must have been overwhelmingly fast… wow!

I decided to pay a visit to Koya-san for Orei-mairi, and plan the route accordingly. However, I still couldn’t believe that my pilgrimage would end today…

07:00Departure (D): Kechigan-no-yado Nagao-ji
07:00Arrival (A): No.87 Nagao-ji
07:30D: Walk to Maeyama Ohenro Exchange Salon
08:45A: Maeyama Ohenro Exchange Salon
09:15D: Walk to No.88 Ookubo-ji
11:30A: No.88 Ookubo-ji
12:30Lunch at Yasoba-an
13:28Heading to Mt.Koya via Osaka & Hashimoto
D: Take community bus to Shido
14:27A: Shido Bus Stop
15:02D: Take highway bus to Nanba OCAT
17:54A: Nanba OCAT
18:50D: Take train to Hashimoto (from Nankai Nanba)
19:45A: Hashimoto station
20:00A: Route-inn hotel Hashimoto
Day 34: Route & Timetable

Here’re some pictures from day 34.