Day 31: Lunch at Nagata in Kanoka (長田 in 香の香)

One of my favorite things to do when visiting temples in Kagawa Prefecture was to eat Sanuki udon. This is because when I was a little, I used to eat delicious Sanuki udon in neighboring Okayama.

The people of Kagawa like udon so much that they call themselves Udon Prefecture, and there are many good udon restaurants here and there. There is also a culture of “udon pilgrimage” where tourists go around eating udon from various places.

Hot dipping soup for the udon was served in a sake bottle

There is an udon restaurant called “Kanoka” right after exiting Konzo-ji. Luckily, since it was lunch time and the restaurant looks very crowded with locals, I went in. I ordered a large kamaage (釜揚げ). When I looked around, I saw that everyone else had ordered Oinari-san (vinegared rice wrapped in deep-fried bean curd) with their order. Hmmm, should I have ordered that?

Kamaage Udon (pulled straight from the pot, and served in the hot water used for boiling)

Interestingly, they served hot dipping soup for the udon in a sake bottle. I added green spring onions, ginger, and sesame seeds to the soup, and eat udon with it. It was really delicious.