Day 31: No.77 Doryu-ji (道隆寺)

The main gate of No.77 Doryu-ji

There’re total of 255 statues, including the main statues of various famous sacred temples

In the precincts of Doryu-ji, there are many Kannon statues lined up in a row. They call them “One Hundred Kannon” of Japan.

Emon Saburo asking for devotion to Kobo-Daishi

Here, there was a bronze statue of Emon Saburo asking for devotion to Kobo-Daishi, which I saw with great interest because I had read his story in the booklet I received at Ishide-ji.

The main temple of No.77 Doryu-ji


It is said that the pilgrimage from No.71 Iyadani-ji to No.77 Doryu-ji is considered as same as visiting 88 temples for the people with weak legs and back if they manage to visit these seven temples on foot.

Two-storied pagoda in No.77 Doryu-ji

The temple stamp of No.77 Doryu-ji

Dedicated toYakushi-Nyorai (薬師如来)
Founded byWake-no-Michitaka (和気道隆)
DenominationShingon-sect Daigo-group (真言宗醍醐派)
Mantraおん ころころ せんだり まとうぎ そわか
On Korokoro Sendari Matougi Sowaka
Next templeNo.78 Gosho-ji (7.2 Km away)
Previous templeNo.76 Konzo-ji (3.9 Km away)
No.77 Doryu-ji