Day 30: Iyadani-Onsen Freai Park Mino (いやだに温泉ふれあいパークみの)

I met aforementioned two student pilgrims (who I met at Aozora-ya) again at Daiko-ji, Kannon-ji, and Motoyama-ji. And when I put my luggage before visiting Iyadani-ji, they were just about to enter the hot spring at this hotel. It seems that it takes much longer to do pilgrimage by bicycle than I thought (their pace is almost same as mine).

Dinner at Iyadani-onsen, hot pot was really nice since I felt cold in the rain

Iyadani-Onsen Freai Park Mino is a facility attached to the road station, and it seems to be crowded with locals. I was a little happy to see Kusuri-yu (薬湯). This week’s hot spring is called “Ukon no Yu”. I’ve been having a hard time getting rid of the pain of my body, so I’m glad if it would be working.

Since yesterday, there have been some files that I can’t view on my camera RX100, and I’m not sure if it’s a problem with file management system. So I decided to replace the memory card just in case.

Missing post office

Hotel fee9700 JPY
Personal rating★★★☆☆
Iyadani-Onsen Freai Park Mino