Day 13: Route & Timetable

Beautiful morning glow around Usa town

The departure was before 6:00 a.m. because I couldn’t afford to miss the ferry from Umetate to Yokonami. Once I got out of Tosa city, I was quickly in the complete darkness. But it was wonderful, star-filled sky. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a night sky like this. The morning glow was also so beautiful.

05:50Departure (D): Business-Inn Tosa
08:00Arrival (A): No.36 Seiryu-ji
08:30D: Walk to Umetate ferry terminal
09:20A: Umetate ferry terminal
10:05D: Take ferry to Yokonami from Umetate
11:00A: Yokonami ferry terminal
11:00D: Walk towards Awa station
14:40A: Awa station
14:50D: Walk along coast line called “Cliff road” towards Kure town
16:30A: Kuroshio Honjin
Day13: Route & Timetable

Here’re some pictures from day 13.