Day 13: Take ferry to Yokonami from Umetate

Very seldom to see other pilgrims maybe because it’s winter

On the way back from Seiryu-ji temple, I passed three walking pilgrims. I was a little surprised that there were quite a few walking pilgrims who I had never passed before. But then, I also thought that it could be natural because majority of the pilgrims are walking in the same direction with almost same speed 🙂

A harbor with a lot of boats

A small waiting room for the ferry at Umetate

The map of the ferry route

A small ferry

When I arrived at the ferry terminal, I could only find a small waiting room without anyone inside. I was a bit concerned but there was a ferry already, so, it would probably leave.

Inside the ferry

At the appointed time, a man came out from somewhere and asked me in light tone, “Do you want to ride?” After I told him where I wanted to go and paid the fare, he told me it would take roughly an hour or so.

It says it can be OK up to 30 people, but I didn’t believe this small ferry can manage such many people 😉 The ferry left slowly with two pilgrim passengers.

Looks like a fish farm

The ferry is small enough that I couldn’t go outside and I felt sleepy on the way with warm sunshine.

Yokonami ferry terminal

Although there were supposed to be several ferry terminals, the pilot opened the window to confirm there was no one there, and then he didn’t stop and went on to the next ferry terminal. Eventually we arrived at Yokonami ferry terminal without stopping anywhere. The trip on the quiet Uranouchi bay was just wonderful.

Peaceful boat trip