Day 13: No.36 Seiryu-ji (青龍寺)

Usa bridge

Stone statue of principal image at each temple

On the way to Seiryu-ji, the school bus of Meitoku Gijyuku passed me. Aha, I thought that the school that is famous for Koshien (high school base ball tournament held in summer) is located around here.

The stone statues of the principal image at each of the sacred temples are lined up along the way to No.36 Seiryu-ji. I enjoyed taking look at them while remembering each sacred temple.

The main gate of No.36 Seiryu-ji

No.33 stone statue just before the main temple of Seiryu-ji

Three-storied pagoda

In the middle of the approach of the stone steps, there is the main gate, and further steps lead to the main temple. There is a three-storied pagoda on the way.

The main temple of No.36 Seiryu-ji

Next to the main temple, there is a statue of Fudo Myoo with a sword which looks powerful. The temple is old and has good atmosphere.


The main temple is named Namikiri Fudoson

The reason for enshrining Namikiri Fudo Myoo is that when Kobo-Daishi was caught in a storm, Fudo Myoo appeared among the waves, then cut and calmed the waves and helped him to go to China safely. Based on this story, the principal image, Namikiri Fudo Myoo, is believed to be a protector of maritime safety by fishermen and other sailors.

The temple stamp of No.36 Seiryu-ji

Dedicated toNamikiri-Fudo-Myoo (波切不動明王)
Founded byKobo-Daishi (弘法大師)
DenominationShingon-sect Busan-group (真言宗豊山派)
Mantraのうまくさんまんだ ばざらだん せんだ まかろしゃだ そわたや うんたらた かんまん
Noumakusanmanda Bazaradan Senda Makaroshada Sowataya Untarata Kanman
Next templeNo.37 Iwamoto-ji (58.5 Km away)
Previous templeNo.35 Kiyotaki-ji (13.9 Km away)
No.36 Seiryu-ji