Day 13: Walk to Awa station

Osettai tree !? for Ohenro-san

From Yokonami ferry port, it was a pleasant nice walk while seeing beautiful Uranouchi bay. While I thought there were several unattended ponkan mandarin marketplace here and there, I suddenly found this tree saying that it’s for osettai. Unfortunately, there’re no orange available :).

Asking driver to slow down since pilgrimage are walking

It’s about 56 Km between No.36 Seiryu-ji and No.37 Iwamoto-ji

In Kochi, some of the temples are located quite far in between, No.37 Iwamoto-ji is one of the case, and it is more than 50 Km away, so I cannot reach within one day.

All the sudden, huge factory buildings appeared in the countryside

What surprised me in Susaki City was the Sumitomo Chemical cement factory. There are factory buildings as big as if they were making a spaceship.

JR Dosan Line

Awa station is just in front of beautiful sea

If you use the train, you have to be punctual 🙂

I came close to the station to get a better view of Awa station platform. The view from the station was wonderful. I wondered if there would be a train coming, but it would be for more than an hour, so I gave up.

A sign post guiding to the Yakizaka Pass

From Awa, there are actually three options to go to Kure town, One is through the Yarizaka Pass (old Henro trail), and the other is through the national road that leads to Kure town in the shortest time, and the last one is Shkoku coastline called “cliff road”. I decided to took the last one.

Drying rice cake ?

Drying bamboo – It seems it’s bamboo stepper

The “cliff road” continues to Kure town

The color of the sea is incredibly beautiful

The scenery along the way is just breathtaking. I was surprised to see such a beautiful color of the sea. As its name “cliff road”, it made me feel a little fluffy. I guess people who are afraid of heights may not be able to walk here.