Day 13: Kuroshio Honjin (黒潮本陣)

Magnificent ocean view from the restaurants of Kuroshio Honjin

Tasty light grilled bonito

The room also has a nice ocean view

The interior of the building is beautiful with its shiny black wood, as if the old building had been reused. Dinner is also wonderful as expected, and I’m bit pleased with the different experience from the guest house for the first time in my pilgrimage.

A beautiful sunset view from the hotel

Magnificent view from open-air bath!

The open-air bath (露天風呂) is located in a wonderful place where I can see the Pacific Ocean. It is written as “tidal water (潮湯)”, so they may heat the water of the Pacific Ocean. On the other hand, indoor bath seems to use actual hot-spring.

Hotel fee17980 JPY
Personal rating★★★★★
Kuroshio Honjin