Day 6: Route & Timetable

Mountain trail starts up to No.20 Kakurin-ji

Even though I was offered a drive to No.20 Kakurin-ji, I asked the driver to bring me to the road station Hinano-sato Katsuura where I was picked up yesterday. Yes, I want to complete my pilgrimage on my foot, indeed.

The driver told me that he is settler from Tokyo and it has passed 7 years. According to him, it’s not easy to keep his life stable, so he’s been doing this driver job, helping farmers to pick mandarin orange etc, while operating his own cafĂ©. Such efforts do not help so much, hence he said he has to think about next step. He also mentioned that designers who have settled in this area also feel difficulties to let people understand the value of design (so they’re asked to just “help” to do some design, and it cannot be their job). Hmm, at WEEK Kamiyama, everything seems to go well, but I now realized that I should see various aspects regarding settlement.

7:00Departure (D): Fureai-no-sato Sakamoto
7:15D: Road station Hinano-sato Katsuura
8:30Arrival (A): No.20 Kakurin-ji
9:00D: Walk to No.21 Tairyu-ji
11:30A: No.21 Tairyu-ji
12:00D: Walk to No.22 Byodo-ji
14:00A: Rest at Azehi pilgrim’s hut
(couldn’t move for a while due to pains of the knees)
14:30D: Walk to No.22 Byodo-ji
16:00A: No.22 Byodo-ji
16:30D: Walk to Guest house Sazanka
16:40A: Guest house Sazanka
Day 6: Route & Timetable

Here’re some pictures from day 6.