Day 6: Guest house Sazanka (山茶花)

A cozy room at Sazanka

I need to take care not only the pain of my knees but also the blisters on my foot

The guest house Sazanka is located just next to No.22 Byodo-ji. The main building is old, but they built another building for pilgrims to stay, which is pretty new and cozy. While doing the laundry, I made a reservation for guest houses upcoming few days.

The dinner at Sazanka

The dinner at Sazanka was really delicious with thick Sashimi, right-eye flounder boiled with soy sause and radish seasoned in yuzu vinegar. The land lady didn’t talk very much, but she answered kindly for what I asked, so it was rather easy.

Hotel fee6500 JPY
Personal rating★★★★☆
Guest house Sazanka