Day 5: Fureai-no-sato Sakamoto (ふれあいの里 坂本)

Fureai-no-sato Sakamoto

Can you imagine what is the origin of this building, which is now used for hotel ? Sakamoto elementary school was closed in 1994, and then renovated in 2002 to the experience-based facility for farming including accommodation.

I stayed in the school infirmary 🙂

The school infirmary is now cozy Japanese style room

Fureai-no-sato Sakamoto is also used as community center of this area, and today elder people gather to enjoy karaoke 🙂

Fureai-no-sato Sakamoto provides useful equipment for pilgrims

Even though Fureai-no-sato Sakamoto located bit aside from the Henro route, it provides various useful equipment for pilgrims such as washing machine and drying machine. It was also useful that there’s a stick stand for pilgrim’s Kongo-zue in each room. They also kindly asked me about lunch tomorrow and suggested to bring rice balls they’ll provide. They know that walking pilgrim needs to walk along the Henro trail in the mountain almost all day tomorrow when going through No.20 Kakurin-ji, No.21 Tairyu-ji and No.22 Byodo-ji.

Dinner at Fureai-no-sato Sakamoto


Home made style dinner is appreciated to keep my body condition for this long pilgrimage. I think it’s first time for me to try deep fried dried persimmon, and I liked it a lot. The “Yuko” beer I bought in Kamikatsu local brewery was also just great.

Hotel fee7150
Personal rating★★★★☆
Fureai-no-sato Sakamoto