Day 29: Route & Timetable

Since I’ve been in the middle of nature, the smoke from the chimney gave me mixed feelings.

Today I planned to visit No.66 Unpen-ji, which is located in the highest place among 88 sacred temples, so I departed in the dark for the first time in a while. The Google Map app on the smartphone is easy to use at times like this; it can be also like a flashlight and allows me to continue on even when it’s difficult to see the road. The sky was getting brighter, and I could see the city of Shikoku Chuo, but the smoke and steam coming out of the big chimney was bothering me. After a good amount of climbing, I arrived at No.65 Sankaku-ji in about an hour.

5:50Departure (D): Super Hotel Shikoku Chuo
7:00Arrival (A): No.65 Sankaku-ji
7:30D: Walk to No.66 Unpen-ji via Bekkaku No.14 Tsubaki-do
9:00A: Bekkaku No.14 Tsubaki-do Jyofuku-ji
9:20D: Walk to No.66 Unpen-ji
13:00A: No.66 Unpen-ji
13:40D: Walk to Guest house Aozora-ya
16:00A: Guest house Aozora-ya
Day 29: Route & Timetable

Here’re some pictures from day 29.