Day 29: Guest house Aozora-ya (民宿 青空屋)

This stone sign post says the last prefecture Kagawa (Sanuki) from now on

Komatsuo-dera (小松尾寺) seems to be the another name of No.67 Daiko-ji

The sign board explains that there’re “boat-shaped” Jizo every 1 cho (109 meters)

Beautiful view of Seto Inland Sea

Looking at the map, I thought the descent from Unpen-ji would be quite tough, but it was much gentler than the tough climb on the way up. I was able to descend with much less stress on my knees, which was a big help. The occasional view of the Seto Inland Sea was also a nice.

Guest house Aozora-ya has a message board for pilgrims

I met two students at Aozora-ya who were doing their pilgrimage together by bicycle. I thought it would be rare for students to do the pilgrimage. They started it during their summer vacation while they were at university in Tokushima, and they were doing kugiri-uchi every vacation.

I think it’s good that they are making time to do this while they are still students. I shared some of my experiences/work with them and they seemed to be interested. After their pilgrimage will be over, I guess their next challenge would be to find their job, but it is a privilege for students to have time to think about various things. I wished them good luck.

The dinner at Aozora-ya

Wild boar meat hamburger steak was really tasty

We had a hearty dinner, and to my surprise, a hamburger steak made from wild boar meat was served. It was really delicious. It seems that there are quite a few wild boars around here, and I was told that the dogs might bark at night because of them.

Hotel fee6500 JPY
Personal rating★★★★☆
Guest house Aozora-ya