Day 28: Super Hotel Shikoku Chuo (スーパーホテル四国中央)

This signpost shows 11-ri (43 Km) to Konpira
(Konpira is one of the most famous temple, but not included in 88 sacred temples)

Interestingly there’s stone signpost showing the direction to Konpira shrine although it’s pretty far from here. It seems this road is not only for Shikoku Pilgrimage but also for the people visiting Konpira shrine.

This sign post shows the route to No.65 Sankaku-ji and No.64 Maegami-ji

Explanation about the reason why there’s many stone signposts around here

On the road from Enmei-ji to the hotel, I met a female walking pilgrim at the fist time. She said she was from Kyushu and this was her second pilgrimage. This time she divided her pilgrimage into 4 parts based on each prefecture, and planned to walk Ehime (Iyo) in ten days. I was little surprised how small luggage she had.

I missed lunch today, so I went to the supermarket and bought some bread. While eating it, an old lady came to me and said “It’s hard work in this cold weather. I don’t walk much, so I did my pilgrimage three times by car”. Then she gave me some sweet bread and said, “I know you have some, but here’s some for you as osettai”.

Standard room in Super Hotel Shikoku Chuo

I had a dinner at AEON supermarket, located near the hotel. There were not many restaurants, but the Indian curry looked good. The naan and butter chicken were great! Also, unexpectedly, the hotel’s bath was a hot spring where I could warm me up slowly. I was bit concerned that I could only secure my room on the smoking floor, but the smell didn’t bother me in the room, and I felt quite comfortable.

Eventually I found Indian curry restaurant in supermarket near the hotel, nice 🙂

Hotel fee5890 JPY
Personal rating★★★☆☆
Super Hotel Shikoku Chuo