Day 29: Bekkaku No.14 Tsubaki-do Jyofuku-ji (椿堂 常福寺)

The site of the woodyard for building temporary resting place for Daimyo

After I left No.65 Sankaku-ji, I saw the words “Yakuyoke-Daishi, Mushiyoke-Daishi” on the sign board guiding to Bekkaku No.13 Senyu-ji. “Yakuyoke (protecting against misfortune)” is pretty common, however, “Mushiyoke (insetct repellent)” is rare, so I’m interested although it’s not included in the 88 sacred temple.

There’re actually a lot of resting places for pilgrims provided by kind local people

The road from Sankaku-ji to Tsubaki-do, the 14th Bekkaku sacred temple, was rather flat. On the way, there were places where I could see the Seto Inland Sea beautifully, and it was a pleasant walk. There were a few places along the way that seemed to be free lodging for pilgrims. I thought it was very kind that they offered free lodging for pilgrims.

The main gate of Bekkaku No.14 Tsubaki-do

The main temple of Bekkaku No.14 Tsubaki-do

On the way to No.66 Unpen-ji, I paid a visit to Tsubaki-do, the 14th Bekkaku sacred temple. The temple has a red shrine-like main gate and a bright red Fire prevention Fudo-son.

Fire prevention Fudo-son

Tsubaki (Camelia tree) and Osawari-Taishi

There is a “Osawari Taishi” where you can touch any body part in the hope that problem on that specific part will disappear. When I asked to pay the fee for temple stamp, I was told that the fee for walking pilgrims would be covered by the temple.

The temple stamp of Bekkaku No.14 Tsubaki-do

My stamp book has specific pages for 88 sacred temples, while there’re some spare pages on which I’ve asked temple stamp of Bekkaku sacred temples until now. And the one for Tsubaki-do became the last one. It’s coincident that I probably won’t be able to visit other remaining Bekkaku sacred temples because there located far from usual pilgrimage route for 88 sacred temples.

Dedicated toEnmei-Jizo-Bosatsu (延命地蔵菩薩)
Founded byHouji-Kyoshi (邦治居士)
DenominationShingon-sect Koya-group (真言宗高野派)
Mantraおん かかかび さんまえい そわか
On Kakakabi Sanmaei Sowaka
Next templeNo.66 Unpen-ji
Previous templeNo.65 Sankaku-ji
Bekkaku No.14 Tsubaki-do Jyofuku-ji