Day 26: Route & Timetable

The view from the train to Iyo Komatsu

I thought I would have to leave Senyu-ji around 8:00 a.m. today because of the priest’s lecture, but I could leave about 30 minutes early.

In my original plan, I’m planning to visit No.60 Yokomine-ji tomorrow, which is located quite high and requires climbing moutain, but it is expected to rain. So I did a little research last night and found out that after visiting No.59 Kokubun-ji, I could take train from Iyo Sakurai station to Iyo Komatsu station, then leave my luggage at Business Ryokan Komatsu, and could visit Yokomine-ji and come back. Then, I can return to Iyo Sakurai station tomorrow, then walk back from there to Iyo Komatsu station so that I don’t miss the pilgrimage henro route.

Considering that it would take 6-7 hours to get to Yokomine-ji and come back, I needed to take the 9:46 train from Iyo Sakurai station, but I found out on the way to Kokubun-ji that I could be in time for this train, so I decided to take this new plan.

07:30Departure (D): No.58 Senyu-ji Pilgrim’s lodge
08:45Arrival (A): No.59 Kokubun-ji
09:10D: Walk to Iyo Sakurai Station
09:46D: Take the train to Iyo Komatsu Station
10:05A: Iyo Komatsu Station
10:05D: Walk to No.60 Yokomine-ji
12:45A: No.60 Yokomine-ji
13:25D: Walk to No.61 Koon-ji
15:45A: No.61 Koon-ji
16:15D: Walk to No.62 Houjyu-ji
16:45A: No.62 Houjyu-ji
17:15A: Business Ryokan Komatsu
Day 26: Route & Timetable

Here’re some pictures from day 26.