Day 26: No.61 Koon-ji (香園寺)

Stone sign posts gives some powers to pilgrims, I think 🙂

The sign posts shows 31 cho – about 3.4 Km away from the starting point

Looking at the information at Yokomine-ji, it seemed that going down to Koon-ji would not change the time so much than going back the same route to the hotel. And I still had enough time, so I decided to visit Koon-ji.

Bangai Reijyo Shirataki – The inner sanctuary of No.61 Koon-ji

Inside Shirataki

On the way to Koon-ji, there is inner sanctuary of Koon-ji, named Shirataki. The mountain route is better maintained and easier to walk than the one I climbed. The building of the inner sanctuary, Shirataki, does not look like a temple.

The building of Koon-ji, the main temple & Taishi-do are inside the building at 2nd floor

But if I mean Shirataki doesn’t look like a temple, then Koon-ji itself is quite a surprise. It’s a huge building that doesn’t look like a temple at all, and I don’t even find out where to go inside for a while 🙂

At the entrance of No.61 Koon-ji

Dainichi-Nyorai in the main temple of No.61 Koon-ji

In fact, on the second floor of this huge building, there are both the main temple and Taishi-do. The atmosphere of the Dainichi-Nyorai in the main temple is very similar to the one at Senyu-ji this morning, but there are many chairs so that a lot of people can gather here. Many of the visitors were accompanied with small children, and some were obviously pregnant, so it was easy to see why this temple was so popular.


It is said that one day a pregnant woman suffered in front of the gate, and Kobo-Daishi practiced Buddhist ritual on her, then she made a safe birth of healthy boy. Because of this legendary story, I guess there’re many pregnant women and people with children.

The temple stamp of No.61 Koon-ji

Dedicated toDainichi-Nyorai (大日如来)
Founded byShotoku-Taishi (聖徳太子)
DenominationShingon-sect (真言宗単立)
Mantraおん あびらうんけん ばざらだどばん
On Abiraunken Bazaradoban
Next templeNo.62 Houjyu-ji (1.3 Km away)
Previous templeNo.60 Yokomine-ji (9.7 Km away)
No.61 Koon-ji