Day 25: Route & Timetable

An old man gave me this amazake as Osettai

As soon as I left the Seapa MAKOTO, An old man approached me and said, “Would you like to drink?” while he handed me amazake which I thought he bought for himself initially to warm him up. He said, “It’s a source of energy for your pilgrims”. Since my body hadn’t warmed up yet, I appreciated a lot since it was warm and tasty. Thank you.

06:30Departure (D): The Seapa MAKOTO
06:30D: Walk to Henjyo-in via Kama-Daishi-do
08:50D: Walk along Kikuma-town famous for roof tiles and visited Henjyo-in
11:50Arrival (A): No.54 Enmei-ji
12:10D: Walk to No.55 Nanko-bo
13:10A: No.55 Nanko-bo
13:45D: Walk to No.56 Taisan-ji
14:20A: No.56 Taisan-ji
14:50D: Walk to No.57 Eifuku-ji
15:30A: No.57 Eifuku-ji
15:50D: Walk to No.58 Senyu-ji
16:30A: No.58 Senyu-ji
17:10A: Senyu-ji Shuku-bo (Pilgrim’s lodge in Senyu-ji)
Day 25: Route & Timetable

Here’re some pictures from day 25.