Day 25: Walk to Henjyo-in via Kama-Daishi-do

The sign post guiding to Kama-Daishi


The twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac

There are several temples along the way that are related to Kobo-Daishi, such as Tsue-Daishi and Kama-Daishi.

Kama-Daishi is the legendary Daishi-do, where Kobo-Daishi carved a statue of himself with a sickle and left it for the villagers to pray for the cure of their illnesses.

There’re a lot of large sign posts around here

Maked-up Jizo

The stone sign posts for pilgrimage in this area are quite large. On the way, I found Jizo with makeup on. It is said that the local people apply makeup once a year in August. Interesting 🙂

The Seto Inland sea is calm, comparing with the one in Kochi

An accident happened along the road to Kikuma-town

The route 196 faces the Seto Inland Sea in several places. It was calm, unlike the rough waves of the Pacific Ocean in Kochi. On the road along the sea, there was a big accident between two cars. It seemed to be right after the accident, and the overturned car was still emitting exhaust fumes… The car was quite damaged. I wonder if the driver was okay… As I walked ahead, I saw an ambulance and a fire truck coming.