Day 20: Route & Timetable

It snowed last night…

When I went out from the guest house Mima, there was some snow on the ground. The landlady told me to be careful because there would be more snow from here. She also said that some people give up before reaching to No.43 Meiseki-ji due to heavy snow and go back… Hmmm.

06:30Departure (D): Guest house Mima
07:20Arrival (A): No.42 Butsumoku-ji
07:50D: Walk to No.43 Meiseki-ji
10:20A: No.43 Meiseki-ji
11:00Walk through old Unomachi town
16:00Walk around Ozu city
16:50A: Tokiwa Ryokan
Day 20: Route & Timetable

Here’re some pictures from day 20.