Day 20: Walk around Ozu city

It continues to snow…

As I walked towards Ozu city, it was snowing so hard that the visibility is quite poor…

A footbath for pilgrims

Around the entrance to Ozu city, I found a hot spring called Garyu-no-yu at Sukunahikona Onsen. The sign said, “We have a footbath for you, pilgrims, please feel free to use it”. That would be great, however I really wanted to warm my body because I was almost frozen to the bone, so I decided to take a bath instead of footbath. It warmed me up very well. There were quite a few people in this hot spring and it seemed to be very popular.

Nostalgic signboards at Ozu popkopen yokocho

Old but nice design

On Sundays, the market will be held with a touch of the Showa era.

Those signboards seems to be the real ones from Showa era

The wooden mold of Japanese confectionery

Garyu boat ride

Ozu castle

Ozu-city has a similar nice atmosphere as the old beautiful street in Unomachi. It was quite interesting to see shops selling delicious-looking Japanese sweets, red-brick buildings, and Pocopen alley with many old nostalgic signs. Ozu castle also looks nice from the city.