Day 20: No.43 Meiseki-ji (明石寺)

The main gate of No.43 Meiseki-ji

The sun started to shine, and the contrast of the white snow and the blue sky is really beautiful. Then finally this magnificent main gate of No.43 Meiseki-ji came into my view.

The main temple of No.43 Meiseki-ji

The snow was falling from the brown roof of the main temple. I enjoyed this view for a while. At this temple, I noticed that I used up bundled 100 osame-fuda (votive cards), wow I’ve completed to visit a lot of sacred temples.

These’re NOT thousands paper cranes


Many bibs at Taishi-do

I initially thought that 88 sacred temples has the same denomination, but they’re not. 80 out of 88 are Shingon-sect. No.43 Meiseki-ji is one of remaining 8, and its denomination is Tendai-sect (there’re 3 more Tendai-sect temples after this No.43 Meiseki-ji).

The temple stamp of No.43 Meiseki-ji

Dedicated toSenjyu-Kanzeon-Bosatsu (千手観音菩薩)
Founded byEnshuin-Seicho (円手院正澄)
DenominationTendai-sect Jimon-group (天台宗寺門派)
Mantraおん ばざらたらま きり そわか
On Bazaratarama Kiri Sowaka
Next templeNo.44 Taiho-ji (67.2 Km away)
I also visited Bekkaku No.8 Toyo-ga-hashi Eitoku-ji
Previous templeNo.42 Butsumoku-ji (10.6 Km away)
No.43 Meiseki-ji