Day 19: Guest house Mima (民宿みま)

The guest house Mima has the appearance of purely Japanese style house

The room of the guest house Mima

The guest house Mima is a lovely inn with a purely Japanese style. Very unfortunately, they cannot provide dinner today, so I went to the road station Mima.

Looking for something to eat in the road station Mima

Udon noodle with Jakoten – a fried mashed sardines

There seems to be a buffet style restaurant, however, it is not open. But I could order Udon noodle with Jakoten, which is pretty nice. Then, I also bought some bread for breakfast tomorrow, and some sweet.

Dried sweet potatoes

Touman – Well-known confection in Uwajima

Hotel fee4000 JPY
Personal rating★★★☆☆
The guest house Mima