Day 10: Route & Timetable

Tosa Kuroshio railway

Townscape of Tano town
A house with a beautiful wooden lattis

Crossing the Nahari River into Tano Town, I find myself in a series of picturesque streets like the one I saw in Kiragawa town yesterday. Considering the condition of my knee and the blister on my feet, I left a little early today and decided to walk slowly.

07:30Departure (D): The Hotel Nahari
08:45Arrival (A): Local product marketplace Konomine
09:45A: No.27 Konomine-ji
10:30D: Walk along the coastline to guest house Sumiyoshi-so
17:30A: Guest house Sumiyoshi-so
Day 10: Route & Timetable

Here’re some pictures from day 10.