Day 9: The hotel Nahari (ホテルなはり)

The map with the south up (In Japan, usually the the north is upside in the map)

The coastline view of route 55 is always awesome

A lot of information is shown on this sign post for pilgrims

Rugged coastline continues

The road to Nahari town continues with the magnificent view of Pacific Ocean. The white spray from the waves comes one after another on the big black rocks. The road is about 34km to Nahari town, with some light ups and downs along the way, but my legs are doing okay. I’m hoping it’s going to recover gradually.

The tuna wears a sedge hat for pilgrims!

The tuna welcomed me at the hotel Nahari 🙂 After relaxing in the white cedar bath, I washed my UNIQLO down jacket and put it in the dryer, believing the information on the internet. It indeed finished up without any problems. It was good because I thought it had absorbed a lot of sweat.

The hotel is recommending their original tuna products a lot 🙂

Tuna set meal for dinner

I had a dinner at the restaurant of the hotel. I tried their recommendation, Nahari tuna set meal and yuzu beer. The yuzu beer was really good. The tuna set meal was also quite good, as you would expect from a place like this. The sashimi was non-frozen and came with three varieties, including a medium-fatty tuna. They served tuna skin with vinegar, which was also tasty.

What I was surprised most was “fritto”. It had a unique elasticity and I wondered what it was. When I checked the menu, I found out that it was called “Wataten”. Considering the texture and its name, I guessed it was probably tuna innards or something. And it was indeed delicious.

Hotel fee7920 JPY (including dinner)
Personal rating★★★☆☆
The hotel Nahari