Day 10: Walk along the coastline

Along the way, you can find these unattended local food shops

Wave-shaped ridge-end tile (It’s actually first time to see this type)

Manga artist Hara Taira-san, was born around here

A pleasant Henro route along the coastline

Beautiful black rocks

From now on, I’ll walk along the ocean all the way. Rugged coastline was now decreased, and I now saw many beaches instead. I also saw a lot of tetrapod around this area.

Henro route runs in parallel with the Tosa Kuroshio Railway from Nahari and the route 55. The size of the Pacific Ocean seen from here is amazing, and I could realize that the horizon appears to be round.

Townscape of Aki town

Aki fishing port, with the highest breakwater in Japan

A lot of fishes were drying up

At Aki fishing port, I saw a lot of fish drying up, but what kind of fish?

Koto-ga-hama (琴ヶ浜)

The statue of Oryu (wife of Sakamoto Ryoma) and Kimie

The story of Oryu and Kimie

If you like Sakamoto Ryoma, then you might be interested in the story of Oryu and Kimie. I think this Oryu statue is looking toward the Ryoma’s statue standing on Katsura-hama.

restaurant SEA HOUSE

My left knee wasn’t in good shape, and the blister on my right foot didn’t seem to be getting better neither. I left the Hotel Nahari about half an hour early, but I arrived about half an hour later than I expected. I’m a little worried whether I can proceed this pilgrimage without problems.