Day 10: Guest house Sumiyoshi-so (住吉荘)

Some signatures of celebrities

The room is classic guest house style

I called for someone at the door, but no one came out. After calling for a while, an old man finally came out and told me that here is a dining room, and that the room can be found in other building. Then a kind-looking landlady guided me to the room and showed me where is the washing machine and bath. It’s old-fashioned guest house, but I liked their welcoming atmosphere.

A dinner with full of fishes

Grilled tuna meat cut from around the gills

The dinner was quite luxurious. Fried shrimps, fried tuna, and sashimi are offered first. Then they brought me grilled tuna meat cut from around the gills. Even the miso-soup is made from bony parts of a fish. The volume was amazing but I ate up all, and it was very delicious.

I realized that the guest house is probably the best choice for usual pilgrims since they offer really tasty local food, and they kindly support pilgrims in various aspects.

Hotel fee6500 JPY
Personal rating★★★★☆
Guest house Sumiyoshi-so