Day 7: Route & Timetable

Finally I saw “Muroto” on the sign post, meaning I’m about to leave Tokushima prefecture

Every morning, I saw TV program, and noticed that they pick up topics regarding settlers who moved from large cities to Tokushima quite often (almost every morning). I guess population is aging and decreasing, and it has become serious problems…Mobility service might be one of key attribute to solve some pain points around this problem, and I wonder if I can work for such social challenge in the next job seriously.

At breakfast, I asked the land lady of Sazanka if there’re many foreign pilgrims. It seems that there’re actually quite many, and some of them are visiting here after they complete Camino de Santiego, which is pilgrimage route in Spain. Ah, maybe I should plan it in future 🙂

7:30Departure (D): Guest house Sazanka
12:30Arrival (A): Hiwase Chelonian Museum Caretta
13:00D: Walk to No.23 Yakuo-ji
13:10A: No.23 Yakuo-ji
13:50D: Walk to Guest house Kaizan-so along the route 55
18:00A: Guest house Kaizan-so
Day 7: Route & Timetable

Here’re some pictures from day 7.