Day 7: Walking along the route 55

Time to leave No.23 Yakuo-ji and Tokushima-prefecture

No.23 Yakuo-ji is the last sacred temple in Awa-no-kuni (Tokushima prefecture) which is said to be the place of spiritual awakening (No.1 – No.23).

The next temple in Tosa-no-kuni (Kochi prefecture) is located 75.4 Km away from here! Tosa-no-kuni is said to be the place of ascetic training (No.24 – No.39) I feel that the starts of the Henro route in Tosa-no-kuni is indeed suitable for its name 🙂

The route 55, whose green line is intended to protect walking pilgrims

The self-service style Udon restaurants

Kitsune Udon

In Shikoku, there’re many self service style Udon restaurants, in which you even boil your noodle by yourself. Actually this style was also common in Kurashiki when I was child, so I am bit nostalgic about my childhood.

The reflector is prepared for walking pilgrims to safely go through the tunnel

Foot-bath (Ashi-yu) is provided at the road station HIWASA

The sudachi (local citrus in this area) soft ice cream

Along the route 55, there’re some road stations, in which you can find many different types of local products, foods etc. The sudachi (local citrus in this area) soft ice cream was really tasty, and take away my fatigues, yey!

Monkeys !

The route Henro route to today’s accommodation, guest house Kaizan-so, is bit boring because the route is now leaving the coast line, and it also just follows the route 55 motorway.

It got dark when going through Mugi town, then it became completely dark when I arrived at the Sabase town where Kaizan-so is located. It seems that the guest house is located bit aside from route 55, but I could not see almost anything in the narrow route moving towards it. It’s time to use a small torch, which I was about to throw away in day 2 to reduce the weight of my backpack… phew