Day 5: Route & Timetable

It’s pretty cold outside just before the sunrise

Today, I’m looking forward to meeting one of my co-worker who has moved to Tokushima. We planned to meet at the restaurants where we can enjoy Awa Gibier for lunch. To be in time, let’s go out at 6:00, but it’s still dark outside.

Found a diesel train running in early morning

It’s about 13 Km from Tokushima station to No.18 Onzan-ji. It is actually pretty nice to see the sunrise while walking in the chilly morning. I think it’s probably first time to clearly feel that the temperature goes up gradually in the morning in short time period.

Benten-yama (6.1 meters high), the lowest mountain in Japan !?

Along the route, there’s the lowest mountain in Japan, called Benten-yama. I’m not really sure if it’s true, but there’s website about this mountain.

6:00Departure (D): Hotel Sunroute Tokushima
8:30Arrival (A): No.18 Onzan-ji
9:00D: Walk to No.19 Tatsue-ji
10:00A: No.19 Tatsue-ji
10:30D: Walk to Awa Gibier Aoki
12:20A: Awa Gibier Aoki, meet with friend
13:30D: Visit to Kamikatsu town etc
15:45A: Hinano-sato Katsuura
16:00A: Fureai-no-sato Sakamoto
Day 5: Route & Timetable

Here’re some pictures from day 5.