Day 4: Hotel Sunroute Tokushima (ホテルサンルート徳島)

The sign post cannot be easily found in the town

The Henro route to the next No.18 Onzan-ji will pass the center of Tokushima city, where I was in Day 1. Considering the time, I planned to stay Hotel Sunroute Tokushima (economy hotel), which is located just in front of Tokushima station, because it has Onsen, nice! 🙂

Decorated vending machine with the picture of Awaodori

Awaodori Kaikan

I wanted to take a look at this Awaodori Kaikan, since I haven’t seen Awa Odori Festival which is quite famous for its unique style. However, I was really tired and decided to go to the hotel directly.

Flied fish (Komatsu-shima fish cutlet)

I was thinking about walking around to find out nice restaurants in the city, but I selected one of Izakaya in front of the hotel. Indeed, I felt I could not walk anymore 🙁 I enjoyed Tokushima Gyoza, and flied fish (Komatsu-shima fish cutlet) very much with beers and some more foods 🙂

Hotel fee6020 JPY
Personal rating★★★★☆
Hotel Sunroute Tokushima