Day 4: Route & Timetable

Nyu-men (using Handa-somen which is local food in Tokushima) for breakfast

Even though WEEK Kamiyama is not intended for pilgrim, they kindly prepared breakfast faster than usual for me. And it was gentle taste and really good.

I remembered that the women I talked a lot yesterday night, told me that she brew coffee from 7:30 at the old Japanese-style house near WEEK Kamiyama. So I went there after check-out.

Cozy cafe at Kamiyama village

This women told her story why they started this cafe. Her family moved here when her husband encountered restructuring before the great east Japan earthquake. And after this earthquake, their landlord requested them to return their house. After searching for the house for a while, they found this old Japanese-style house, and liked it a lot. However, they’re wondering if they buy it, because the former owner put a condition that the new owner should continue farming. In the end, they decided to be a farmer, and started this cafe, because they wanted to utilize their furnitures they brought from Tokyo… That’s awesome, and I’m really amazed by their active mindset. I started to feel one of the biggest benefit of being Ohenro-san is to have this kind of wonderful encounter.

8:30Departure (D): WEEK Kamiyama
12:00Arrival (A): No.13 Dainichi-ji
12:30D: Walk to No.14 Jyoraku-ji
12:50A: No.14 Jyoraku-ji
13:10D: Walk to No.15 Kokubun-ji
13:20A: No.15 Kokubun-ji
13:50D: Walk to No.16 Kanon-ji
14:00Shina-soba Tomiya (Lunch)
14:40A: No.16 Kanon-ji
15:10D: Walk to No.17 Ido-ji
15:50A: No.17 Ido-ji
16:20D: Walk to Hotel Sunroute Tokushima
Day 4: Route & Timetable

Here’re some pictures from day 4.