Day 34: Lunch at Yasoba-an (八十八庵)

Yasoba-an is located just in front of No.88 Ookubo-ji

I still had some time before the community bus, so I went to Yasoba-an which is located just in front of Ookubo-ji. I ordered Uchikomi-udon with pork, taro and other vegetables simmered in a white miso-based soup, together with oden. It was cold outside, so it warmed me up.

Uchikomi-udon is the specialty of Yasoba-an

Miso Oden

The people at the restaurant were quite surprised that I had walked all the way around only in 34 days without solo-camping capability (With the camping capability, you may be able to walk late at night). They also told me about Shikoku disease (people who’ll do Shikoku Henro Pilgrimage again and again after their completion of their pilgrimage). I wondered if one day I would feel the same way 🙂