Day 34: No.88 Ookubo-ji (大窪寺)

The last old pilgrimage route to Ookubo-ji

The person I met at Kechigan-no-yado Nagao-ji recommended to go for the route via Mt.Nyotai, but considering the time, I took the old pilgrimage route. The old pilgrimage route was a little scary because there was a disposal site for construction soil on the way, and trucks kept coming by. Once you get past it, it’s nice, quiet and paved mountain road.

A stone milestone indicator set by Takeda Tokuuemon

Tokuemon Takeda is one of the people who made efforts to improve and maintain the pilgrimage routes in Shikoku. From the Kansei to Bunka periods, he devoted himself to the development of the pilgrimage route and erected many stone signposts. It is rare to find the one caved into natural stone among the existing milestone indicators.

14 cho – About 1.5 Km to go

As the numbers on the stone milestone indicator decreased, I began to feel that I was about to finish my pilgrimage. And then, at the end of the road, I saw the large main gate of Ookubo-ji. I was quietly moved.


The main gate of No.88 Ookubo-ji, the place of completion of the Shikoku Henro Pilgrimage

As I approached the main gate, I saw that it read, “Shikoku Sacred Sites, the place of completion of the pilgrimage”.

The bell was pretty big

The main temple of No.88 Ookubo-ji

Inside the main temple

I walked through the large main gate, washed my hands, rang the bell in the bell tower, took a few pictures, and went to the main temple to light a lantern, offer incense, and recite the sutras. All these were exactly same routine that I did from day 1. And I felt I could do it very smoothly now 🙂


Hojyo-do – A huge number of Kongo-zue dedicated by people who completed their pilgrimage

When I went to the Taishi-do, I saw a huge number of Kongo-zue dedicated next to it. Finally, I paid my last respects to the Taishi-do. Yes, this was the end of my pilgrimage!

This is the last photo with this little boy

Finally I completed my Shikoku Henro Pilgrimage!

At the Nokyo-jyo, I received a completion stamp on my stamp book. Also, I got a certificate of the completion of my Shikoku Henro Pilgrimage.

I completed it finally, however, strangely enough I didn’t feel like that. But at this point, I felt it was definitely a fantastic pilgrimage with a lot to learn about myself, beautiful nature and wonderful culture of Shikoku.

Mixed feeling when leaving Ookubo-ji

The temple stamp of No.88 Ookubo-ji

Dedicated toYakushi-Nyorai (薬師如来)
Founded byGyoki-Bosatsu (行基菩薩)
DenominationShingon-sect Zentsuji-group (真言宗善通寺派)
Mantraおん ころころ せんだり まとうぎ そわか
On Korokoro Sendari Matougi Sowaka
Next templeNone!
Previous templeNo.87 Nagao-ji (15.1 Km away)
No.88 Ookubo-ji