Day 30: Route & Timetable

It’s pleasant to walk in the morning

It was said that it’s going to be bad weather today, but so far it’s fine. There’s a strong westerly wind, and it felt kind of warm. On the road to No.67 Daiko-ji, I saw some Shikoku-no-michi sign board shows the route to Unpen-ji, which is opposite direction for pilgrims. Does it mean there are a lot of people coming up to Unpen-ji from the north side ?

07:00Departure (D): Guest house Aozora-ya
08:00Arrival (A): No.67 Daiko-ji
08:30D: Walk to No.68 Jinne-in & No.69 Kanon-ji
10:15A: No.68 Jinne-in & No.69 Kanon-ji
11:00D: Walk to No.70 Motoyama-ji
12:00A: No.70 Motoyama-ji
12:45D: Walk to No.71 Iyadani-ji
15:10A: No.71 Iyadani-ji
16:20D: Walk to Iyadani-Onsen Fureai Park Mino
16:40A: Iyadani-Onsen Fureai Park Mino
Day 30: Route & Timetable

Here’re some pictures from day 30.