Day 27: Route & Timetable

The students got off the train, then took their bicycles to go to school

Today, in line with yesterday’s change of the schedule, I decided to return from Iyo Komatsu station to Iyo Sakurai station, and then walk the pilgrimage route from Sakurai to Komatsu to cover missing route.

Even in the morning, there is basically one train per hour, and the train leaving Iyo Komatsu station around 7:30 was packed with students. The train had four cars (I think) and Iyo Komatsu station was unmanned, so I couldn’t buy a ticket nor get a numbered paper. So I wondered how they can identify my fare.

Most of the students got off at Iyo Sakurai station, the same station as me. Apparently, the conductor stands at the ticket gate of the station and checks the commuter passes and collects the fare for passengers like me (I simply said where I got on the train :)). I had an image of conductors being old men, but I was a little surprised that it was a beautiful lady ;).

Yesterday, at the Iyo Sakurai station, I noticed a bicycle storage store and wondered why it was there. Students leave their bicycles here and ride them to school from here. That’s why there were so many bicycles inside, which you wouldn’t expect from its small entrance.

07:00Departure (D): Business Ryokan Komatsu
07:23D: Iyo Komatsu station
07:43Arrive (A): Iyo Sakurai station
09:45D: Walk to No.63 Kissho-ji via Koufuku-ji Higiri-Taishi
12:20A: No.63 Kissho-ji
13:10D: Walk to No.64 Maegami-ji
13:50A: No.64 Maegami-ji
14:20D: Walk to Yunotani Onsen
14:40A: Yunotani Onsen
Day 27: Route & Timetable

Here’re some pictures from day 27.