Day 2: Route & Timetable

I woke up at 2:30… I could not sleep very well, maybe because I went to sleep early last night or maybe I’m excited…

Last night, I asked the landlady if I can have a breakfast at 6:00 a.m. According to her, it is natural for walking pilgrims to have a breakfast early in the morning to depart early. She kindly proposed a ride to next No.6 temple, but just after that, she told me “You don’t need it, right ?”. It is indeed right, I’d like to complete this pilgrimage on foot. Anyway, I appreciated her kindness.

By the way, do you imagine why she withdrew her proposal by saying “You don’t need it, right ?”. I’m guessing this is related to “Osettai (お接待)” culture. Local people consider pilgrims as Kobo-Daishi, and providing any kindness to pilgrims means charity to Kobo-Daishi. Hence, it is also said that pilgrims are better to thankfully accept “Osettai”. I think she understand that I want to do my pilgrimage on foot completely, hence she withdrew her proposal so that I don’t have to decline her “Osettai”.

6:30Departure (D): The guest house Morimoto-ya
7:45Arrival (A): No.6 Anraku-ji
8:15D: Walk to No.7 Jyuraku-ji
8:30A: No.7 Jyuraku-ji
9:00D: Walk to No.8 Kumadani-ji
10:00A: No.8 Kumagaya-ji
10:30D: Walk to No.9 Horin-ji
11:00A: No.9 Horin-ji
12:50D: Walk to No.10 Kirihata-ji
13:40A: No.10 Kirihata-ji
14:20D: Walk to No.11 Fujii-dera
16:30A: No.11 Fujii-dera
17:00D: Walk to the ryokan Yoshino
17:10A: The ryokan Yoshino
Day 2: Route & Timetable

Here’re some pictures from day 2.