Day 2: No.7 Jyuraku-ji (十楽寺)

The main gate of No.7 Jyuraku-ji

Interestingly, the main gate of Jyuraku-ji is similar as the one of No.6 Anraku-ji because of it’s Chinese style look.

The Dasishi-do in No.7 Jyuraku-ji

It’s actually pleasant to conduct religious services step by step in this chilly and quiet morning. I went to Nokyo-jyo to get the stamp, after finishing those. However, there’re no one. After calling via extension number, a young girl answered cheerfully “Haa—i” and came to me. I was wondering if she would handle the temple stamp, but then she put the red temple stamp, and then write the temple name etc very smoothly using Japanese black ink. In fact, I was fascinated by the way how they write it. They move their arm and hand smoothly while keeping good posture. It is prohibited to take photos/videos while they’re doing it, so please see it with your eyes 🙂

The temple stamp of No.7 Jyuraku-ji

Dedicated toAmida-Nyorai (阿弥陀如来)
Founded byKobo-Daishi (弘法大師)
DenominationShingon-sect Koya-group (真言宗高野派)
Mantraおん あみりた ていせいから うん
On Amirita Teiseikara Un
Next templeNo.8 Kumadani-ji (4.2 Km away)
Previous templeNo.6 Anraku-ji (1.2 Km away)
No.7 Jyuraku-ji