Day 2: No.11 Fujii-dera (藤井寺)

The resting area for walking pilgrims offered by local people

It is about 10 Km walk from No.10 Kirihata-ji to No.11 Fujii-dera. The uphill to No.10 Kirihata-ji was tough enough and the pain in my shoulders got worse, and I started to feel some pain in the joint of the body and the legs. Yes, I was indeed tired.

I found this strange 🙂 resting area and looked around a bit. Then old lady came out from her house and proposed me to stay for a rest while bringing some sweets. Since I skipped the lunch today, it was really appreciated. I thought that I could walk without rest, but I found that it’s pretty important to take some breaks.

The chinka-bashi (沈下橋) over Yoshino-river

It started to snow, and it also became windy. The bridge over Yoshino-river was “Chinka-bashi (沈下橋)” which is designed to be underwater during flood so that it won’t break. It was nice to see, but I was scared when I had to step aside when some cars are approaching…There’s no safety fence and it was also windy…

The main temple of No.11 Fujii-dera

The dragon glares from the ceiling

On the ceiling of the main temple, the dragon was drawn, which glares me and seems protecting the Yakushi-nyorai this temple is dedicated to.

The temple stamp of No.11 Fujii-dera

Dedicated toYakushi-Nyorai (薬師如来)
Founded byKobo-Daishi (弘法大師)
DenominationRinzai-sect Myosinji-group (臨済宗妙心寺派)
Mantraおん ころころ せんだり まとうぎ そわか
On Korokoro Sendari Matougi Sowaka
Next templeNo.12 Shozan-ji (12.9 Km away)
Previous templeNo.9 Kirihata-ji (9.3 Km away)
No.11 Fujii-dera