Day 12: Route & Timetable

Beautiful morning glow

I got a taxi ride to Chikurin-ji where I finished the route yesterday and started from there in the beautiful pinkish morning glow.

06:20Departure (D): Richmond Hotel Kochi
06:40Arrival (A): Chikurin-ji bus station (by taxi)
06:40D: Walk to No.32 Zenjibu-ji
08:10A: No.32 Zenjibu-ji
08:40D: Walk to No.32 Sekkei-ji
10:40A: No.32 Sekkei-ji
11:10D: Walk to No.33 Tanema-ji
12:30A: No.33 Tanema-ji
13:10D: Walk to No.34 Kiyotaki-ji
16:00A: No.34 Kiyotaki-ji
16:30D: Walk to Business-Inn Tosa
17:10A: Business-Inn Tosa
Day 12: Route & Timetable

Here’re some pictures from day 12.