Day 12: No.32 Zenjibu-ji (禅師峰寺)

Climbing the mountain to reach the temple…

Finally I could find the main gate

The main gate of No.32 Zenjibu-ji

Nio-statue with a unique face expression

Nice view from Zenjibu-ji

The distance between sacred temples in Kochi is quite long and there is a lot of hiking in the mountains at the end of the trip. No.32 Zenjibu-ji is one of such temples. After passing through the main gate and going up further, the view opens up suddenly and I’m in front of nice view of the ocean. Looking carefully, I can see the Katsura-hama, such a wonderful view.

The precincts of No.32 Zenjibu-ji

The main temple & Taishi-do

The main temple of No.32 Zenjibu-ji


It was good to visit the temple with few people today. The precincts of the temple is compact and I personally like this types of old temples.

The temple stamp of No.32 Zenjibu-ji

Dedicated toJyuichimen-Kanzeon-Bosatsu (十一面観世音菩薩)
Founded byGyoki-Bosatsu (行基菩薩)
DenominationShingon-sect Busan-group (真言宗豊山派)
Mantraおん まか きゃろにきゃ そわか
On Maka Kyaronikya Sowaka
Next templeNo.33 Sekkei-ji (7.5 Km away)
Previous templeNo.31 Chikurin-ji (5.7 Km away)
No.32 Zenjibu-ji