Day 1: Route & Timetable

Probably I looked bit strange while I’m heading to Tokyo Haneda airport because of Kongo-zue I had with me. At the airport, I was wondering how it would be handled, then staff at the check-in counter kindly wrapped it. It seemed that they know what it is.

I was bit surprised to myself, because I’m not too excited even just before this unexpected pilgrimage experience. However, once I arrived at Tokushima airport, I certainly felt what I was about to start 🙂

9:00Depature (D): Tokyo Haneda airport (ANA 281 to Tokushima airport)
10:15Arrival(A): Tokushima airport
10:40D: Tokushima Bus (bound for Naruto Koen)
10:55A: JR Naruto station
11:01D: JR Naruto line (bound for Tokushima station)
11:18A: Iketani station
11:44D: JR Kotoku line (bound for Itano station)
11:47A: JR Bando station, then walk to No.1 Ryozen-ji
12:00A: No.1 Ryozen-ji
13:00D: Walk to No.2 Gokuraku-ji
13:20A: No.2 Gokuraku-ji
13:50D: Walk to No.3 Konsen-ji
14:20A: No3 Konsen-ji
14:50D: Walk to No.3 Okuno-in Aizen-in
15:20A: Aizen-in, inner shrine of Konsen-ji, then walk to No.4 Dainichi-ji
15:40A: No.4 Dainichi-ji
16:10D: Walk to No.5 Jizo-ji
16:30A: No.5 Jizo-ji
17:00D: Walk to the guest house Morimoto-ya
17:10A: Guest house Morimoto-ya
Day1 Route & Timetable

Here’re some pictures from day 1.