Day 1: No.5 Jizo-ji (地蔵寺)

The main gate of No.5 Jizo-ji

Walking along the Henro route, I noticed that I’m already in the precincts in the temple 😉 So I once moved out, then once again move in from the main gate. The main gate is rather small comparing others I visited already today.

At every temple, I noticed this cute young priest is standing either at the main temple or Daishi-do, holding the board with the name of the temple. So from now on, I decided to take selfie together with him.

The Daishi-do of No.5 Jizo-ji

Now it’s 17:00, and I could just be in time for the Nokyo (getting temple stamp). I walked around 11Km and finished today’s schedule as planned.

At Jizo-ji, there’s “Rakan-do (羅漢堂)” in which more than 200 statues of Rakan are displayed like this picture. All of them have different face expression, and it was actually impressive.

The temple stamp of No.5 Jizo-ji

Dedicated toEnmei-jizo-bosatsu (延命地蔵菩薩)
Founded byKobo-daishi (弘法大師)
DenominationShingon-sect Goho-group (真言宗御宝派)
Mantraおん かかかび さんまえい そわか
On Kakakabi Sanmaei Sowaka
Next templeNo.6 Anraku-ji (5.3 Km away)
Previous templeNo.4 Dainichi-ji (2.0 Km away)
No.5 Jizo-ji