Day 32: 2nd breakfast at Yamashita Udon (山下うどん)

Yamashita Udon (may not be easy to find out if this is udon restaurant :))

On the way to Kokubun-ji, there was a udon restaurant called Gamou that was recommended by some of my friends. However, unfortunately it was still too early. So I gave up and moved on.

After a while, I found a sign for Yamashita Udon, which seemed to be open, so I decided to stop by. At the entrance, there was a sign saying it was still being prepared, but when I opened it, they said “Come in please”.

It was early in the morning, but it was open

Lots of signs and a nice atmosphere. When I ordered small size of Kamaage udon, I was told that it would take about 10 minutes. I had some time to spare, so I decided to wait.

“Do you want to eat Kama-tama (with raw egg and soy sauce) or do you want kake (simple udon) ?” I decided to go for kake to enjoy simply udon noodle and dashi (soup).

The price of Kamaage udon is surprisingly cheap

There’re actually quite many signs of famous people

Small size of Kamaage udon was really good and cheap, 180 JPY!

I ordered a small portion, but it was actually a lot. I poured a lot of hot soup stock over it and topped it with green onions and ginger. It was indeed delicious. 180 yen for this is just too good. The kakiage (deep fried mixture of vegetables) that grandma was frying also looked really good, but I wasn’t that hungry yet, too bad.

This web page (in Japanese, but with a lot of nice pictures) is really good to explain about Yamashita Udon.