Day 21: Route & Timetable

It snowed a lot last night

It seemed to snow quite a lot last night, so when I left Tokiwa Ryokan, it was all white. Today, I plan to go to the mountain lodge Muraya after seeing Uchiko town.

07:15Departure (D): Tokiwa Ryokan
07:45Arrival (A): Bekkaku No.8 Toyo-ga-hashi Eitoku-ji
08:15D: Walk to Uchiko town
10:00Sightseeing Uchiko town and Uchiko-za
11:30Walk towards road station Seseragi
16:30A: Road station Seseragi
16:45A: Mountain lodge Muraya
Day 21: Route & Timetable

Here’re some pictures from day 21.